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(no subject)

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Dec. 7th, 2003 | 07:51 pm
mood: cold cold
music: Bing and Clay - Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth

Ya, ya. I never write in here. Sue me. Neopets has taken over my life. Yes, I play childrens games. What can ya do? I'm a millionaire on that game. Better than IRL, no? I thought so.
Well, quick update before I go make profits galore off of the no0b crowds.
Went to Barrie for the weekend. Got a little bit of studying done, tho not much. A chapter of soc and a chapter of anthro. Still 3 more of each to go. (BTW - wrote the Women's Studies exam last week. Sucky suck suck.) Hmm. Saw Bruce Almighty last night again (LOL @ Jim Carrey giving Jennifer Anniston orgasms :P) Went to Walmart today and got a really bad Christmas CD (Yes, I know. Step away from the bargain bins. Never any lyrics lol) Baked anatomically correct shortbread with my cousin (We were also diverse, and included an array of 'different' folks - a breast cancer survivor, men with longer/shorter peewee's, transgendered individuals, hermaphrodites, a 'rainbow man', men with only one testicle (for my cousin Jeff lmao) among others. Also, for the record, anatomically correct snowmen, if there is such a thing :P) What else? Oh, Josh finally likes me. That kid has been alive what, 8 months? Yea, and has never smiled once at me. He norally screams actually. Well, today, he laughed and giggled when I bounced him around. I felt loved :D Hmm, other than that, I heard Silver Bells by the Clocke on Q97.3 Toronto EZRock on the way home which just popped my kernel (as Erin from GJ would say). And other than that? Nota. So now, away I go to beat the pants off the young-ens on neopets. If anyone plays, I'm thecrimsonice on there.
That is all. Come again.

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Ashie Babie

From: ashiebabie
Date: Dec. 7th, 2003 06:49 pm (UTC)

Lindz you are not sad, i still play on neopets too. i haven't left that site since i signed on. all i do is play the games, they're fun. a woman today bought a neopets game, i looked at it and it looked like fun.

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